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What people are saying about Envy

“Being able to visually search for and post about the best of what San Diego has to offer has led me to rediscovering old loves and finding new faves!“

“A platform like Envy is a no-brainer for brands like L’Oreal”

— Esohe Omoruyi
Senior Vice President
Open Digital Innovation & Services
L’OREAL Global CDO Team

“I loved that Envy is a new and creative way to find restaurants and businesses nearby! Envy is a helpful app that I knew I would use in my everyday life.“

“I love taking photos and sharing what I love through pictures. I am a very visual person and love that the app has the ability to search via images.“

“I don’t like using yelp much because the reviews seem fake. Most of the posts are either really bad or really good experiences that do not portray 100% of how I might like it.“

“In a visual and social-centric generation – apps with skewed reviews and null or lackluster photos simply aren’t cutting it anymore!“

“Social media has become a great way to discover local small businesses and share them with the world!“

“We love the idea of a new app to review the places we enjoy going to!“

“The app is absolutely genius combining reviews and visuals and we couldn’t wait to get onboard!“

“I love the concept behind Envy and what it provides in terms of being used as a search engine for whatever you are looking for!“

“I was so thrilled to be a part of this app that allows us to show our content on a beautiful platform.“

“I was in love with The Envy app from the beginning. This app combines the love of food, drink, and beauty all through a form of social media.“

“Envy is my personal guide to the best of the best in San Diego.“

“I love the idea of helping users search and find things they love through a form of social media.“

“I like to visualize. I want to see the actual outcome.“

“I love the idea of curating these images for others to use as they look for local products and services.“

“…I am able to live out loud though my pictures and share all my favorites with the community! How awesome is that!!!“

“Envy provides a way for real people to provide authentic and accurate imagery that allows users to proceed with confidence – knowing that they’ll get the experience they’re paying for!“

“I find myself regularly exploring new bars and restaurants. I love recommending places to friends and family, and Envy offers the perfect platform to share my favorite places!“

“An app like Envy combines my love for social media with my love for sharing my adventures around San Diego.“

“I think Envy is such a great service for people like me, who tend to make decisions based on pictures.“

“I believe Envy has the ability to let me connect with people who share the same interests.“

“I’m very excited and honored to be an Ambassador for Envy!“

“This is the platform we have been waiting for. Even the clients that love us, refuse to write a review on platforms like Yelp. But, they will post a picture on Envy.”

— Cheng Tan
Owner KODA Salon

“Envy is the perfect way to give others insight to my favorite places to eat at, shop at, go to, and hang out.“

“I love seeing where others are dining out, drinking, and buying services and products! When I research for bloody marys visual examples of the bloodys definitely play a big role in deciding where to go so I think Envy is great idea!!“

“I love using Instagram but it doesn’t have a ton of information so I find this mesh something with great potential.“

“A picture says a thousand words, so what better way to find the best bars and restaurants in town! I love how Envy makes choosing where to go and what to try easy!“

“Being an Envy Ambassador gives me the opportunity to reach out to so many more people to share my passion for food while being able to provide recommendations on experiences.“

“I love having a place to get recommendations on just about anything.“

“It’s great to give those either traveling or moving to the same city an inside scoop on where to go.“

“I’m always looking for fun and novel places to try, and I love the platform Envy offers with its snappy descriptions and classy pictures.“

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