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Welcome to the ultimate membership program with special access to the world of Envy. Envy Elite members get exclusive content, first access to special events, advertising perks and more!

Welcome to Envy Elite

Your influence as an established and successful business, has allowed you to be one of the first users of Envy, a visual search engine. And we want you to join our Envy Elite program, where your participation is the only cost. Envy Elite members are set to redefine the way consumers search for local services and products.

Who are Envy Elite?

Envy Elite are hand selected businesses that have shown excellence in their category. Envy Elite members are chosen to help lead Envy as the next international social and e-commerce platform.

What is Envy Elite?

Envy Elite status allows select businesses the opportunity to gain pre-launch access to the Envy app. Businesses can start building their profile and populating content to get a head start in the Envy community.

What are Envy Elite Benefits?

In addition to many other perks, Envy Elite offers Free Advertising through our unparalleled advertising platform, and access to Envy Ambassadors who will “Envy” and comment on your business.

Envy Elite are hand selected businesses that have shown excellence in their category.

Role of the Envy Elite

Building a Profile – Envy Elite create their business profile and actively load content reflecting their products or services.

Creating a Network – Envy Elite work to connect with others through Envy, following and being followed, inspiring and being inspired.

Activity – Envy Elite are actively “Envy’ing” other’s content, commenting, creating discussion and loading content as often as they can.

Sharing – Envy Elite not only share their content on Envy, but build brand awareness by sharing their content through all social platforms. Envy Elite speak to their experiences and ability to reach customers through Envy, as well as their user experience on the app. Envy Elite can also use the Envy network to transmit advertisements and media advertising communications.

Input – Envy looks to Envy Elite to provide feedback, input and suggestions to continually push us to deliver the best user experience in the mobile app space.

Elite Events – Through special events, Envy will promote Envy Elite by making local consumers, Envy Ambassador’s and the community more aware of their excellence in a certain field. Envy Elite events will drive more users to find the Envy Elite on Envy, and encourage users to experience their services and products in everyday life, sharing that experience on the app.

Ambassador Service Donation – Envy has some of the cities most influential onboard to not only be early adopters, but spread the word through all social media channels. Through our Ambassador program, we connect Envy Ambassadors with Envy Elite!  Ambassadors are asked to experience Envy Elite in the app, and then post about their experience through all social media channels for maximum exposure. We encourage Envy Elite to donate a service or product, allowing Envy to invite Ambassadors to experience the Envy Elite for themselves.

Our Community

Be a part of something that has the power to change an industry… yours.

Envy Elite is driven and supported by our community of customers – educated and active in spreading the word, but visually. And they do so through Envy. Envy combines the visual and social connection of Instagram, with the depth of Yelp’s content. Envy allows users and customers to search for your service or product in your area, visually. Where the pictures do the talking. Not only having the ability to be inspired by other users, but able to envy their content and have access to get it. Where social meets e-commerce so businesses can reach their ideal target consumer more directly.