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Answers to all your frequently asked questions about being an Envy Ambassador.

What is my role as an Envy Ambassador?



We ask our Ambassadors simply to share their experiences of local services by posting reviews on the app (for the current categories we support… food, beverage, hair, nails, lashes, brows, and tattoos). Some of our ambassadors post daily, others post a couple times a week, or every other week. We currently do not pay our Ambassadors. We do have exclusive events for Envy Ambassadors, as well as, strategic partnerships that may result in free services. 

Can I mention my website/business on my posts in the app?

Of course! We do not prefer watermarks on pictures, but within the comments, absolutely. Some bloggers make their username synonymous with their blog name also. The next line of features we have, will actually make for a great extension of your blog, both that you may flow to and from with widgets, and encourage to share through Envy. EnvyBoxes will allow you to design, curate and share based on your recommendations for your followers and more!

Can I share the same content on Envy that I post on Instagram?

Yes! Our Ambassadors typically tend to post their “review” on Envy, and then tell their followers on Instagram what they had done, and to check out more details on Envy.

I noticed that the caption is very limited to adding descriptions for each photo. I was just curious to know possibly why there is a limit to the amount of characters used?

There are a lot of platforms today that focus on lengthy written reviews. Envy is all about the visual. Limiting the amount of text, much like Twitter, or how Instagram was initially, allows people to be short and concise, and let the pictures to do most of the talking. By keeping the process simple, we also generate more reviews to help consumers make better choices.

How should I get started as an Ambassador?

Just start posting! Our ambassadors post daily, weekly, or sometimes every other week. It’s in your own time. Ambassadors help spread the word organically, We also have Ambassador Events and even “special assignments” we’ll send you out on to try new services.

Do you guys have any specific hashtags that I should be aware of?

You can use these hashtags: #envy #envysocial #sandiegoenvy #denverenvy #austinenvy #nashvilleenvy #ambassadorenvy #hairenvy #foodenvy etc. 

Can I repost my Envy pics to Instagram? Are these platforms integrated?

Not yet, but very soon! For now, you need to post individually in each platform.

Can you post multiple photos in one post?

Yes, you can post up to three photos in one post.

Where is Envy based out of?


We’re based out of San Diego!


Can you give me more information about this program?


Our Ambassadors help to load content, spread the word on this one-of-a-kind platform, and provide feedback! It can take as much time as you’d like, or as little as you need. Some ambassadors post daily, others post weekly.

What am I required to contribute?

We ask our Ambassadors simply to share their experiences of local services on the app (for the current categories we support… food, beverage, hair, nails, lashes, brows, and tattoos). Some of our ambassadors post daily, others post a couple times a week, or every other week.

How am I benefitting?

Imagine being able to say you were one of the first to see Instagram before it even launched to the public?! By becoming an Envy Ambassador, you’re getting to see the foundation of a platform that is going to revolutionize local search, with access to features long before the general public. You’ll also have the potential to monetize your page and create an influence long before the same influencers you compete with on other social platforms have their chance. Not to mention, access to exclusive Ambassador events and more!

Let’s say at one point we are unable to keep up as an Ambassador, is it possible to opt out at any time?

Of course, anytime! Just give us a heads up at

I was finally able to post something on the app - but the list of categories is limited and I didn’t see the category I wanted. I also found that when I opened the activity feed - it immediately feeds me things that aren't in the city where I’m from. Are there plans to change this?

Envy is in BETA. This means, we are refining and improving our platform every day. Think of this as an exclusive first look before it launches. As even demonstrated by Apple last week with their glitch typing “I”, nothing is perfect. However, despite being new, we’re growing faster than Yelp did when they launched! When you load the app, we’re showing what others are doing to encourage people to post, but you can unfollow them and create your own experience like Instagram. When you search, it will only search your current location. Vietnamese is a category you can currently search, but because it is so broad, when posting we like our users to be more specific, so whatever the vietnamese food is, put the exact name of that item. We then assign it on the back end to Vietnamese. We understand the early versions of apps are not for everyone, so completely understand if this is not the right time.

What made you start the program?


Envy is going to revolutionize the way people find local products and services. No more lengthy, wordy reviews. Envy allows pictures to do the talking. And what better way to start doing that, then by working with the very influencers who understand the importance of pictures! By working with influencers from Instagram, we not only get to work with people who understand our vision, but  can help to spread the word, provide insight and feedback, and help prove Envy is a way of the future.

I downloaded the app but can’t seem to view the “terms of use”. Any way I can get a hold of that?

Terms and conditions can be found here:

How long does it take for my photo to be removed?

Immediately. If for some reason you notice a glitch, please flag the picture you want deleted so we can address the issue.

How long does it take to add a business?


Usually almost immediately. But we allow up to 24 hours just in case.


Where can I find my username?


Check under settings on your profile page. Just swipe down on your profile picture.

Can usernames be changed?

Yes, under settings. Just swipe down on your profile picture.

If two or more people are running an IG account, can they have a joint Envy account?

Yes, you definitely can!

How do I add a business that is not currently in the app?

Please send an email to and we will add it within 24 hours.


Do you have to be 18 to be an ambassador?


No, there is no age limit.

Can I switch from a personal account to a business account?

We don’t have businesses accounts yet. Coming soon!

Is food the only category? I’ve tried posting fitness related posts, but no categories turned up. I might be doing something wrong?

Fitness isn’t yet a category. We’ll be adding fitness studios in the near future!

Can I post multiple reviews back to back?

As opposed to posting 5 times in a row on Instagram? Yes. A lot of our influencers will just save up for Envy, and then bulk post. Again, Envy is social media with a purpose. So it’s socially acceptable to post multiple times in a row. I would never post my entire meal on IG (especially multiple courses), but on Envy, others want to know exactly what to expect. We also don’t timestamp. Sometimes people post here and there, and other times people load it up!

How long is the beta testing period?


Roughly the next six months.

How many ambassadors do you have in San Diego?

We have over 100 Ambassadors just in San Diego. Denver and Nashville are growing too!

What other cities are currently beta testing?


We’re in beta in San Diego, Austin, Denver and Nashville with more cities being added soon.

Who is an Envy Ambassador?

An Envy Ambassador is a tastemaker or influencer—admired in their respective field with a strong presence in the community and/or social media—always aware of the latest trends and hottest hangouts. Where to get the best fish tacos or the best blowout? Ambassadors are active in spreading the word, visually. And they do it through Envy..

What are the Envy Ambassador Perks?

Exclusive Invitations

Ambassadors receive exclusive invitations to special Envy events, Envy Elite events and other influencer parties.

Early Access

Get in the know before anyone else! Ambassadors will get to experience our app before it even goes live on Apple, as well as first access to any new features, categories, and services!

Envy Experiences

Ambassadors will be invited to experience special meals, services, and/or products donated by some of the best businesses in town, the Envy Elite.

Envy Ambassadors receive special perks and offers from the businesses you already love.


Role of an Envy Ambassador?

Building A Profile – Ambassadors of Envy are actively reviewing and posting their everyday experiences on the app, sometimes multiple times per day.

Creating A Network – Ambassadors work to connect with others through Envy, following and being followed, inspiring and being inspired.

Activity – Ambassadors are actively “Envy’ing” other’s content, commenting, creating discussion and adding content to the community.

Sharing – Ambassadors not only share their content on Envy, but build brand awareness by sharing their Envy’s through all social platforms. Ambassador’s speak to their experiences and reviews regarding services and products, as well as their user experience on the app.

Input – Envy looks to Ambassadors to provide feedback, input and suggestions to continually push us to deliver the best user experience in the mobile app space.

Our Community

Be a part of something big. And you make it bigger.

Ambassadors are the pulse of Envy – informed and active in spreading the word, but visually. Envy combines the visual and social connection of Instagram, with the depth of Yelp’s content. Envy allows users and customers to search for your service or product in your area, visually. Where the pictures do the talking. Not only having the ability to be inspired by other users, but able to envy their content and have access to get it. Where social meets e-commerce so businesses can reach their ideal target consumer more directly.