Envy is a visual search engine based on your location and preferences. It’s never been easier to find local services… visually. Find Food, Coffee, Hair, Nails, Tattoos and more!


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Post the products and services that you want to share with your friends and inner circle.




Swipe right on the things you love. Left on the things you don’t.



Book your ride share to get to your destination.



Save the content you want into custom EnvyBoxes so you can review later.




Book your appointment or reservation right through the app interface.




Follow other users whose style and content you love.



Share the things that mean the most to you.


“I honestly thought the concept was crazy cool, and really wanted to be a part of something that was so awesome and represents my generation in such a great way.”


— Andrea, Denver, CO

“I was in love with The Envy app from the beginning. This app combines the love of food, drink, and beauty all through a form of social media.”

— Gionna, San Diego, CA

“I love the idea of bringing reviews of your fav local spots to life with photos, through Envy. It's like carrying a visual search engine around in your pocket.”

— Kate, Denver, CO

“I've only lived in San Diego for about 3 years and I feel like there is no better way to learn a city than to explore its best restaurants, boutiques, bars, hair salons, etc. Envy allows me to explore my surroundings and really learn about myself and my preferences!”


— Kaylie, San Diego, CA

“I regularly share new finds—both in Nashville and during our travel—with friends and followers. As a mom, I know how much help it can be to have all the information you need at your fingertips. Envy makes that so easy with beautiful images and helpful information rolled into one!”

— Meg, Nashville, TN

“I’m a very visual person. I find where I want to eat on the weekend by scrolling through photos and making a list of all the places that look cute. I think Envy will be a really great tool for someone who is trying to decide what to do in their own city or what to do on their next trip.”

— Jackie, Nashville, TN