Your influence as a tastemaker has made you one of the first users of Envy, a visual search engine. Set to redefine the way consumers search for local services and products!

Who is an Envy Ambassador?

An Envy Ambassador is a tastemaker or influencer—admired in their respective field with a strong presence in the community and/or social media—always aware of the latest trends and hottest hangouts. Where to get the best fish tacos or the best blowout? Ambassadors are active in spreading the word, visually. And they do it through Envy..

What are the Envy Ambassador Perks?

Exclusive Invitations

Ambassadors receive exclusive invitations to special Envy events, Envy Elite events and other influencer parties.

Early Access

Get in the know before anyone else! Ambassadors will get to experience our app before it even goes live on Apple, as well as first access to any new features, categories, and services!

Envy Experiences

Ambassadors will be invited to experience special meals, services, and/or products donated by some of the best businesses in town, the Envy Elite.

Envy Ambassadors receive special perks and offers from the businesses you already love.

Role of an Envy Ambassador?

Building A Profile – Ambassadors of Envy are actively reviewing and posting their everyday experiences on the app, sometimes multiple times per day.

Creating A Network – Ambassadors work to connect with others through Envy, following and being followed, inspiring and being inspired.

Activity – Ambassadors are actively “Envy’ing” other’s content, commenting, creating discussion and adding content to the community.

Sharing – Ambassadors not only share their content on Envy, but build brand awareness by sharing their Envy’s through all social platforms. Ambassador’s speak to their experiences and reviews regarding services and products, as well as their user experience on the app.

Input – Envy looks to Ambassadors to provide feedback, input and suggestions to continually push us to deliver the best user experience in the mobile app space.

Our Community

Be a part of something big. And you make it bigger.

Ambassadors are the pulse of Envy – informed and active in spreading the word, but visually. Envy combines the visual and social connection of Instagram, with the depth of Yelp’s content. Envy allows users and customers to search for your service or product in your area, visually. Where the pictures do the talking. Not only having the ability to be inspired by other users, but able to envy their content and have access to get it. Where social meets e-commerce so businesses can reach their ideal target consumer more directly.